• What is a template?

A template consists of a script, which contains a list of questions that will be asked to the patient. Templates are created based on disease state and other purposes such as pre & post-discharge instructions, for example.

A template consists of one or more questions and each question can have one or more response triggers (see response trigger FAQ question for explanation).

  • How to create a template?

Click on the top right “Menu” button, click on “Templates”. Then click on “Create New Template” button. This will take you to the new template page. Add a template descriptive title such as “General Checkup” or “Post-Surgery”.

Once the template is created it will take you to the template questions page. Here you can add questions and response triggers for each question (see response trigger FAQ question for explanation).

  • What are response triggers?

Template questions can have one or more response triggers. Response triggers are words or phrases that when used in a call question response, will trigger an alert to be created and possibly sent to a health care professional for immediate attention.

For example, if a template has a question “Are you in pain?”, then a response trigger could be “Yes” or “A lot”. During the call, if the patient says “Yes” or “A lot” within the response to the “Are you in pain?” question, then an alert will be created and a notification may be sent to a health care professional depending on notification settings.

  • How to create response triggers?

Please refer to the “How to create a template” question. A response trigger can be added while creating or editing a template question.

If a template has already been created, then you can click on the top right “Menu” button and click on “Templates”. On the templates page, there is a list of already created templates. From here, you can click on the already created template and then click on “Edit Template Questions”. From here, you can create a new question with response triggers or edit an already created question along with that question’s response triggers.

  • What are alerts and notifications?

An alert is created when a word or phrase from a response trigger (see response trigger FAQ answer) is used by the patient during a response to a phone call question. A healthcare professional may then receive a notification by email of this alert for immediate attention.

A notification is any communication that is sent to a healthcare professional. This can be an alert or a daily report in the form of an email.

  • How to create alerts and notifications?

Both alerts and notifications are created automatically based on the notification settings. Alerts are automatically created when a trigger is created (See “What are response triggers?”). Notification Settings can be found by clicking on the top right “Menu” button and then the “settings” link. From here you can choose when to receive notifications.

For more info, see “What are alerts and notifications?”.

  • How to schedule an automated phone call?

Click on the top right “Menu” button and then click on “Dashboard”. From here you can select a user and then click on the “Schedule Phone Call” button. This will take you to schedule a phone call page. From here, you can enter a date and time to phone the user and select a template (See “What is a template” and “How to create a template” FAQ answers for more info). Then click submit.